• Veripax


    seeking truth for universal peace

  • df wilson

    df wilson

  • Rajesh Patel

    Rajesh Patel

  • Tracy Brighten

    Tracy Brighten

    Freelance writer and copywriter. Heathy nature, healthy people advocate. Sustainable living is our future. www.tracybrightenwriter.com

  • Denzell Gravenberch

    Denzell Gravenberch

  • Scott S. Bateman

    Scott S. Bateman

    Scott S. Bateman is a journalist and publisher. He spent nearly 3 decades in management including 2 major media companies. https://www.PromiseMedia.com

  • John Dardis

    John Dardis

  • Robert Bacal

    Robert Bacal

    Author, Trainer, customer service, management, performance appraisal,leadership,difficult customers

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